As many of you may know, I’ve been doing comedy for about six years. When I first started, I did hosting at the Laugh Factory in New York City. Soon though, I began featuring for comics like Marc Maron, Greg Giraldo, Dom Irerra, Bobby Lee, Godfrey, Jo Koy, Andrew Dice Clay, and Jimmy ‘JJ’ Walker–whose act was certainly not ‘dy-no-mite.’ Then, about two and a half years ago, around the time I joined up with Tucker and Nils at Rudius, I started touring with Jamie Kennedy as his opener. Like with every other headliner I opened for, I tried to modify my act to fit in nicely with his. I also took (and still do take) notes and wrote jokes for him once in a while. As one sassy 20 year-old girl at the ‘Juice It Up’ once quipped, “HAHA, you’re his bitch!” What I wanted to retort was ‘No, we’re business partners and writing partners,’ but what came out was “Fuck you, cunt!”

I guess the point is that sometimes I felt like young Kobe when less-than-old Shaq was still with the Lakers. I just want to do MY thing.

This weekend, I get to do MY thing. I’m headlining at The Comedy Palace in San Diego for Valentine’s Day Weekend. Although I have headlined some colleges before, it’s really my first legitimate headlining gig at a club. I’m on the website and everything. So I think it’s time I stretch my legs and push some boundaries.

Since Rudius has been good to me, ANYONE who goes to the show and says they are with RUDIUS MEDIA gets in absolutely FREE and anyone who orders tickets online and makes their reservation as “Rudius Family” gets in free as well.

There’s a buffet and free champagne, but you really should buy lots of booze. I’m not worried though, I told the owner that’s what Rudius readers do. As a further enticement, there will be ONE room at a nearby HOTEL for any derelicts to stay if they traveled and need a crash pad that night.

– — –

Who: ME, you sonuvabitch!
Where: The Comedy Palace , 8878 Clairemont Mesa Blvd., San Diego, 92123
When: Friday, February 13th, 8pm and 10pm
Saturday, February 14th, 8pm and 10pm

Also, if anyone has a quality video camera who is willing to film it… I’ll get you free booze all night and a cash prize to be disclosed to the interested party….

Thanks for the support over the years and maybe I’ll see you a couple of you in San Diego!

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