Like Cain, Willie Nelson, Jack Kerouac, and early 90s Dave Matthews Band, I am on the road again. This time I am in Miami, at the Improv, for three days with Jamie Kennedy dropping pina colada soaked humor bombs on five shows worth of sweaty, multi-ethnic Floridians. Here are the particulars:

WHO: Jamie Kennedy and Bill Dawes
WHAT: Three Days Worth of Funny
WHERE: Miami Improv, 3390 Mary Street, Suite 182, Miami, FL 33133 USA
WHEN: Friday May 30th, Saturday May 31st, Sunday June 1st

If you are anywhere near Miami (this includes the Cubans and Haitians floating in the Keys on rafts made of tires), you should definitely make your best effort to come by and watch some Funny Ha Ha. And, of course, since this is South Florida, I’ve set up a translation of this post for all the Cubans and Haitians.

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